Why It's Important to Select Experienced Commercial Moving Professionals

Commercial moving is a different beast than residential moving. You need to move your business fast to reduce downtime and resume operations as quickly as possible. This is important to keep in mind if you’re interested in hiring a team of professional movers. Why? Because the movers you choose can either help your office get back up and running in no time, or cause further delays.

The Downside of an Inexperienced Commercial Moving Company 

It’s tempting to select the commercial moving company that provides the cheapest quote on paper. Unfortunately, cheap, inexperienced movers can cost you more down the line, and create major moving-day problems:

  • Inaccurate Price Quotes - Less-than-knowledgeable movers might underestimate time and cost when providing an initial quote. This can lead to exceeding your moving budget, and added stress.
  • Poor Packing – Inexperienced movers might not know how to properly pack valuable office equipment (computers, printers, fixtures), leading to damaged and broken belongings. 
  • Careless Maneuvering – Lax movers who don’t carry the proper equipment can’t carefully maneuver furniture and fixtures out of your current office space. That means damaged walls, ceilings and floors, which could cost you in repairs or lead to claims. 

Don’t let subpar commercial movers turn relocation into a negative experience. Choose a team of experts that has the experience, tools and capabilities to get the job done the right way.  

Peasley Transfer & Storage moved my family heirloom square grand piano in 1987 from Eastern Oregon and stored it for a decade (1987 - 1998) in a climate controlled environment (the only one at the time back then). They moved the piano to my husband's and I first home and now to our current home. This piano is literally a ton and a collector's item. It's no easy task, but the crew showed up with a fantastic award winning attitude and demeanor and got the job done. They also moved a pool table for us. As a real estate brokerage owner, when I want my most valuable property moved, I trust Peasley Transfer - for over 30 years. Julie H., 11/22/2017

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Why Choose Peasley Transfer & Storage for Your Commercial Move?  

At Peasley Transfer & Storage, we learn from experience. After years of moving businesses, we’ve perfected techniques and strategies to help our commercial moving customers orchestrate their entire relocation, from plan development to completion. 

Reasons to partner with Peasley for your next office or industrial move include:

  • Experience – We’ve served businesses throughout the Treasure Valley for over 125 years. Our teams are made up of well-trained, knowledgeable experts who can seamlessly execute commercial moves. 
  • Detailed Moving Plans – After you’ve signed on with us, a moving representative will come to your office to start putting together a detailed moving plan. We take care of every detail including scheduling with buildings, securing parking areas and conducting a pre-move orientation with your staff. 
  • Excellent Customer Ratings – Over 95 percent of our customers say they would recommend us to a friend. We’ve trained our teams to arrive on time and prepared, completing moves in a professional and reliable manner. Not to mention, we’ve maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

When it comes to commercial moving, you need relocation experts you can rely on. 

You need Peasley Transfer & Storage. To learn more about our services, contact us today. 

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