Cost Saving Tips

At Peasley Transfer & Storage, our goal is to provide you the most well-planned, cost-efficient and trouble-free move possible. For well over a century we have found that the secret to a successful and cost effective move is to clearly understand a customer's needs and to follow the list of common sense approaches below. The following tips for a local, hourly move can really save you some serious money:

At Both Origin & Destination

In advance of your move, ensure that there is adequate room for a large moving van to park in close proximity to your home or office.  It's always recommended to notify neighbors and others impacted by your move.  If parking is limited and streets are congested, you can with your Relocation Consultant to make arrangements for a city permit and “no parking” signs.

I would like to comment on the packers who came the day before. They were Pat and Mary. They were no nonsense workers. They were extremely efficient and proficient. The young men who were the movers were the best.They were careful with our furnishes and pleasant and responsible.We hired Peasley because of our previous experience. Great moving experience! Arlene D., 7/13/2018

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  • Disassemble beds, particleboard furniture, and remove mirrors off dressers. Disconnect and remove hoses and vents from washers and dryers and place inside the unit. There are some items that will likely require specialized shipment preparation.
  • All packed cartons should have closed and sealed tops. Cartons should be clearly labeled on the side (not the top) with their contents and room location.  If it's a new residence, consider using a numbering scheme for the new rooms for quick and easy reference.
  • Whenever possible, move small, delicate, and valuable items yourself; lamps and lampshades, pictures, knickknacks, small glass tops, mirrors, and marble, etc. We are certainly able to move such items but they must first be properly packed to protect against damage.
  • Appliances, desktop computers, and electronics should be properly prepared for transport with their respective cords and peripherals well marked and packaged.
  • To save time and cost, clothes hanging in the closet can be loaded by you into the provided wardrobe cartons while your Peasley Transfer crew is moving furniture and loading the truck.


  • To the highest degree possible, be present and available at all times during move in to answer questions and provide direction as necessary.
  • In advance of the move, measure and visualize way furniture will be placed in each room. The movers will be happy to place the items wherever you instruct them but re-arranging furniture can be very time consuming and thus costly.

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